Chloe Cherry – Daddy’s Anal Cutie 2 05.04.2021

Chloe Cherry - Daddy's Anal Cutie 2 05.04.2021

Chloe Cherry is chatting on the phone with her friend, giggling about how she and her boyfriend tried anal sex recently. Chloe tells her friend that even though it took some getting used to at first, she really likes it now.
As Chloe continues to chat with her friend about how much she likes anal sex, her stepfather Michael Stefano walks by in the hallway. As he overhears her, his eyes go wide with excitement. But all this talk about getting fucked in the ass is making Chloe’s pussy wet, so she ends the call with her friend, saying that she has to rub one out. Chloe is about to put her hands down her pants when Michael knocks on the door, making his presence known.
Michael tells her that he heard her conversation, and was hoping that he and Chloe could do some of what she was talking about. Chloe is all for it, licking her lips hungrily as she looks at Michael.
This cutie’s about to get exactly what she’s been craving