Goddess JessiBelle in Tired of You Losers

I am so fucking irritated that I have to wear sexy clothes, that I have to buy all of this lingerie to wear for such fucking losers. I have to take all of this time to do my hair and makeup for pathetic little bitches that can’t get a woman like me in the first place.

Why should I care if you find me attractive? I don’t care what you think of what I am wearing, I can wear what I want, think whatever I want, say whatever I want and you will still buy these videos. You know you’re a loser that will jack off to whatever is out there because that is what a sad loser like you does! You masturbation to anything!

I am so sick of having to dress sexy, so fuck you! You will do as you are told and enjoy it and I am still going to get my money. All I have to do is sit here and relax. You were going to masturbation anyway. You were going to masturbation to this video regardless of what I am wearing.

Even though some outfits are super sexy and draw the eye you were going to buy all of these videos anyway. I get your money and you jerk off, that works for me!