NICOLE & KAREN in We have time to have fun with you in PART2 Licking Girls Feet

Nicole and Karen put on their makeup and realized that they still had a little time left and they weren’t late for their boyfriends. "Look at us whore! Are we beautiful? Of course beautiful! Now look at you.. You look like a smelly rat! Compliment us!" – The girls ordered. Pathetic polina began to bow, compliment the girls, kiss their feet and not forgetting to say how insignificant she is .. Nicole and Karen were amused and they filmed her on camera to show their boyfriends and laugh together. The girls went to different corners and ordered the slave to crawl to their feet .. polina crawled like a worm on her stomach, then to Nicole, then to Karen. They called her in turn looking down at her as if she were the most pathetic creature in the world. It was hard for polina because she was bound. When the girls had plenty of fun, they ordered polina to put on their shoes and went on a date with their boyfriends, leaving the slave tied on the floor. (Part 2)