Princess Alexandria & Goddess Venus in Bring in The Gimp The Mean Girls American Mean Girls

Princess Alexandria is sitting on the throne with one of her subs at her feet. Goddess Venus wants to have slaves too so she can use them to torment just for fun. In this clip, Goddess Venus asks Princess Alexandria if she can beat her slave. being fan of slaves in pain, of course Alexandria agrees to this! It’s not really good at taking pain, but the girls decided to whip it until it breaks (which doesn’t take long) lol

Good thing they’re at the Mean Girl Manor where there are PLENTY of back up betas to take a beating when the girls are in the mood for some fun! Princess Alexandria and Goddess Venus pull this loser out of its cage and bend it over for their convenience.

There are lots of toys they wanna play with.. And unfortunately for this beta, they ALL hurt! Watch them have fun ripping this beta’s back to shreds! HAHAHAHA